Big Win Football 2015 cheats and tips

Who don’t love football? There are many games in google store and appstore but the latest Big Win Football 2015 is really good. We’d like to give you cheat apk for Big Win Football but first we need to make little review.

Big Win Football – really good?Big Win Football 2015 cheat apk

A free download in the App Store, Big Win Football has some DNA from both collectible games and fantasy football. Beginning with a starter pack of 23 players – that’d be adequate for both sides in the ball, along with a kicker/punter – your ultimate goal is to build the very best team possible and obtain them from the field to win games. We’re talking fake players here, though people can and do name them after a common real-life athletes because of the game’s customization options, as well as name, number, nationality (Philippines represent!), hair style and skin tone.

Improving your team means coming to the card store, to use coins or Big Bucks, the game’s premium currency, to acquire packs. Those are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold and Premium varieties, and every one includes a mix of players, stat boosts, contracts and Big Impact cards. Better players might be swapped in to the lineup instantly, plus the contract cards are utilized to resign players that have reached their initial game limits. Each athlete incorporates a fixed volume of contract renewals he’ll accept before calling it an occupation.

Generate coins and big bucks – Big Win Football cheat apk

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Some tips for Big Win Football?

1. Equip higher rated players!

Each player card incorporates a number inside a circle in the bottom left corner with the card. This number is often a general representation with the player’s overall strength, so naturally you’re likely to want to try to find the higher numbered cards.

2. Equip boost cards!

If one of the players incorporates a blue exclamation mark alongside them, it means they have a slot to get a boost card. You get boost cards like several other cards, however they provide a passive bonus to your player’s stats, like more strength, agility, and so forth.

3. Pick the strategy tailored for a team!

When starting a casino game, you are able to select your offensive and defensive biases. If you really would like to take advantage of this, you’ll could consider looking at each of one’s player cards. For example, when your offensive line has players with a lot more higher Run than Hands, then you’ll would like offensive bias to perform more Run plays. It takes a while but it will assist if you wish to give your team that extra edge!

4. Heal injured players!

Sometimes, after a sport, some of the players are going to be injured. The chances of this happening are greater in case you lose the match. When a player is injured, their stats are dramatically reduced, driving them to a dead weight for your team in the event you still insert them in the game. You can heal all of them with coins, and you need to do so as that may be one on the few ways you’ll be able to actually spend your coins.

5. Compete in Big Bowls!

Aside from leveling up, the only real other approach to earn bucks (the currency you should buy more card packs) is by big bowls. Big bowls are leaderboard-centered games in places you play a great amount of matches, and according to your total score, you’ll earn some coins and bucks.

6. Use your big impact cards!

Big impact cards are temporary power ups you are able to use for example game. You can use as much as three cards first game, plus they can be the deciding factor in a very win or loss situation. Don’t underestimate them, but additionally try to don’t use anything but a couple of them for smaller games. Remember that you may only buy them from card packs, so they’re not easy to get to!

With that, you will be able to make your football dream team! If you have another questions or suggestions, leave a comment below!

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