Evolve Hunters Quest cheats and tips

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What about Evolve Hunters Quest?

Evolve: Hunters Quest can be a puzzle game similar to Bejeweled, where colored gems cover the board which enable it to be swapped with any adjacent gem to build matched lines of three or maybe more. In Hunters Quest’s specific case, each gem type is associated with a class of monster hunter (Assault, Medic, etc.), and making matches causes these hunters to fight monsters in a tiny window presents itself the screen. Each level contains as much as five rounds in monsters to defeat.

This seek to tie pure puzzle gameplay with a greater action storyline may be seen before, mainly in the Puzzle Quest series. But here, as well as in Evolve-proper, really the only story would be the pursuit of giant mega-monsters. As a result, I never felt an excellent pull to maneuver onto the next mission. The full 3D character animations were awesome during battle, nonetheless it certainly wasn’t an efficient introduction to the field of Evolve.

As battles read more and more difficult, you’ll need to rely on different character abilities, which charge up because you make matches. Each character can charge around three bars, and every of their three abilities uses up both, two, or the three bars. Most abilities are bland high-damage attacks or simple healing, but a majority of level three abilities will change the actual gem board, creating new opportunities for match combos. But let’s go back to the cheat apk now.

How to use Evolve Hunters Quest cheat apk?

The game is free to play but players usually get stuck up with the tricky missions that they have to solve in the game. Such players then make use of hacks and cheats. Hacking tools are available in plenty on the web but selecting the best one among them is a daunting task. Most of them are hoax, so you should choose a reliable program. Our Evolve: Hunters Quest Hack has been created by a team of professionals who are well-versed with the game. Our tool is easy to use and has been used by many online games as it offers plenty of benefits to the users. Read on to know more about these benefits:

  • Our cheat apk tool can be used all around the globe so even if you reside in the remotest part of the world, you can easily use our tool.
  • There are over 100 missions in the game that you are required to solve. Among them, a few would take days together for solving as they are tricky and complicated. If you are stuck up with such missions then use our mission hack codes that will help in solving them instantly.
  • Mastery Points can be earned within a few seconds for ranking up your game avatar with the help of our tool.
  • Our codes can work amazingly well on all Android and iPhone devices.
  • You can generate unlimited energy bars with the help of our codes and activate the special abilities of your game avatar.
  • It is easy to download and use our tool. Even a newbie can use it effortlessly.
  • The auto-updater of our program can keep the game routinely updated with new features.
  • Our anti-ban system will keep your avatar saved from being disqualified in the game.
  • You won’t have to spend any money for downloading or using our tool as it is freely available for all.
  • If you want to be successful in the game of Evolve: Hunters Quest then the best way to succeed is by using our smart Evolve: Hunters Quest cheat apk

Few tips for Evolve Hunters Quest

1. Make Good Use of Your Hunter’s Special Ability to Save Your Turns
• Using a Hunter’s special ability doesn’t count being a “turn.” You can use this to your benefit by building up multiple segments in multiple Hunter’s energy bars, then activating those abilities consecutively to execute multiple attacks without resorting to up valuable turns.

2. Utilize Your Medic’s Healing Abilities Often_uploads_2015_02_evoe
Evolve Hunters Quest Tips

• When entering battles with multiple rounds, make an effort to build up the Medic’s energy bars, to have some healing chance to use on your hunters inside the more difficult rounds.

3. Use Maggie’s Harpoon Trap at Just the Right Time
• Make sure to use Maggie’s Harpoon Trap ability on the right time so that you can take advantage of an imminent enemy attack.

4. Use Your Level 1 Ability to Pull Off Heavy Damage and Protect Your Hunters
• The level 1 ability will taunt the prospective in addition to doing massive damage. This can be used to guard injured Hunters which might be under attack at a creature.

5. Use Your Hunter’s Special Abilities in Conjunction with Each Other
Evolve Hunters Quest Cheats

• Keep in mind that using Hunter’s special abilities using combinations can offer really powerful results. For instance, if you are using Parnell’s Super Soldier ability, then follow that track of Abe’s Stasis grenade, you are able to alter the board for a lot of massive attack power.

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