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As I wrote in previous articles my favourite game for years is Grand Theft Auto. It was my first game I addicted to. First version of GTA has been released in 1997. It was incredible to move hero al over the city, steal cars, drive and shoot. In last 18 years Rockstar made many versions of GTA, on PC, Playstation, Xbox and mobile devices also. I tried all of them, but truly the best is the latest GTA 5. First time I played on PS4, then on our PS 4 Emulator and finally on PC version. And it’s not weird that we made GTA 5 cheat trainer as soon as possible. It wasn’t so difficult because we were made cheat tools for all version of Grand Theft Auto. Of course, engines of games has been changing so we also need to change some scripts of GTA hack cheat, but it’s done now! You can download GTA 5 cheat and enjoy, but first read carefully this article.GTA 5 cheat download

What about GTA 5 cheat hack?

First, it’s compatible with your PC, PS3, PS4 and XBOX. You need to fill in your account data and then connect to game. It’ simple. Now you’re connected to GTA 5 cheat pack. For example make PC as our device. You can choose if you like to apply cheats online, offline or in both versions. Now party it’s begins. We choose items we want to apply in GTA. You can improve:

  • unlimited health
  • unlimited armor
  • special ability recharge
  • wanted level down
  • super jump
  • moon gravity (a lot of fun)
  • fast run
  • generate money
  • choose level
  • generate RP

As you see possibilites are incredible. Especially in online game you can make a lot of fun. Most of these improvements we made in previous version of GTA, but GTA 5 hack is the most advance tool.

Compatibility of GTA 5 cheat?

As you read, you can use this tool in your PC, Emulator, Playstation or XBOX. PC compatibility with Windows systems (XP, 7, 8, Vista). We didn’t receive any bugs and problems during testing, but if you see any bug just write us or leave comment, we fix it and send update.

If you worry about safety of GTA 5 cheat tool you don’t have to. Engine includes proxy list which is updated automatically so every connection is making for the other IP address and it makes tool undetectable to game servers.

How to download GTA 5 cheat?

Just choose your version for buttons below and download on your PC. You don’t have to install anything, just run application and make steps like connect with game, choose apply and enjoy!

You can ask us, what we’re doing it for? For fun my friend! Games are for fun so you can choose if you want to cheat or not! Grand Theft Auto 5 is not a game, it is hyper game with millions of options, billions of space to play so we know that a lot of you want to make some cheats and play with full improvements. Adrenaline – we love it too.

GTA 5 cheat Trainer download


GTA 5 hack cheat multitool PC, PS3, PS4,

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After using GTA 5 cheat you can play with this view:

GTA 5 cheat proof

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