Magecraft The War cheat and tips

Have you ever heard about Magecraft? If you like strategic games we’re sure you’ve heard. This is very popular game on Facebook but now it’s new mobile version designed on ANDROID. It’s called Magecraft The War. Few days ago during attack on us we’ve been testing this game and I must tell you that it’s really good. Better than on Facebook in my opinion. Magecraft includes many interesting improvements and steering on touchscreen is more comfortable than mouse on facebook. Graphic is also better. Of course if you want to play with all power you need to collect many items like: crystals, lumber, iron and food, stone. You can buy it if you want to get faster but it’s expensive. And that way you visit us. We’ve tested and released MageCraft The War cheat apk which generating all these items. More about Magecraft hack app below the review.magecraft the war

Some words about Magecraft The War

Magecraft: War – a technique amusement, that takes you to a delightful dreamland where you need to battle a fierce battle for force and aggregate control over the whole diversion world. Argento Kingdom was annihilated by merciless adversaries, and now the fundamental issue is the slow reclamation of the remains again to make the most capable and compelling. Recently otstroyte palace, gather a multitude of expert officers and unflinching refusal to permit the foes, step by step expanding its quality by the Allies, anticipating to the side. Play the most goal-oriented and brilliant procedures and return peace, thriving and peace in their own particular nation.


– Pvp fights with genuine clients

– A set of accessible characters

– Three cards on a substantial scale amusement

– Missions and Quests customary

– High-quality design.

As we wrote above there is a Magecraft The War cheat apk. It’s working now without any bugs but it wasn’t easy to create it. Game is new and script is quite complicated but we’ve done it.

What can you do with Magecraft The War cheat apk?

You can generate unlimited items like lumber, iron, crystals, food and stone. It’s the most important thing in this game. With full items you can improve all buildings, train your troops and win wars. Additionaly we’ve added big cheat called TIME STOPPER. During fight time stop on 30 seconds and you can place your units whenevere you want. You win is 100% sure then!

Magecraft cheat apk is safe, because of script construction and proxy connection. You can download Magecraft hack app in three different versions. First is multitool which works on all devices like PC, ANDROID and iOS. On PC you can for example use Bluestacks. Second version is designed only for ANDROID and it’s apk cheat file. Third is for iOS and it is ipa file. You don’t need to root, jailbreak or instalate anything. Just run app on your device, connect and add items. Below we put some screenshots to show you how it works. So now you can download Magecraft The War cheat and enjoy!

Few tips for Magecraft The War

1. Follow the quests!

2. Open the gift box every 15 minutes!

3. Protect any units you want to save in the Crypt!

4. Build up a strong army!

5. Recruit scouts!

6. Join an alliance!

7. Keep your upkeep in the green!

Magecraft The War cheat apk

Magecraft The War cheat apk connection:

MageCraft The War cheat download

Magercraft The War hacked items:

Magecraft The War hack app


Magecraft The War cheat apk Multi [PC, ANDROID, iOS] 

download android

Magecraft The War cheat apk ANDROID.apk 

download iOS

Magecraft The War cheat apk iOS.ipa

download help

Screenshot of added items:

Magecraft The War cheat proof

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