Sky Punks cheats and tips

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What about Sky Punks?

Sky Punks is surely an endless runner the spot that the player races, dodges, jumps, soars, and slides their way from the spirited whole world of Neo Terra. Sky Punks is a wonderful little endless runner game from Rovio Stars it really is a joy to consider, gives players plenty to recover, although it does possess some wonky moments every once in awhile, it’s too few to take away an excessive amount of from the overall experience. If you’re hot for endless runners, you’re likely to want to pick that one up.

What can I get with Sky Punks cheat apk?

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Some tips for Sky Punks

Look As You Leap

The roads of Terra Nova are littered with obstacles, both natural and man-made. Some of the obstacles can be jumped over, others can be slid under, and more than a few you’ll need to just dodge altogether. There are ramps and jumps that come up from time to time. Utilizing these objects will give the player an elevated perspective of the road ahead of them and around them. I advise players to take this time to peek ahead at the road and look out for any obstacles that are quickly Sky Punks cheat proofapproaching.

Keep (At Least) One Eye On The Road

Rock Worms kick up a bit of dirt before they bust through the ground or, in this case, the wall.In any endless runner, it is always necessary to keep your eyes on the road ahead, in order to properly anticipate any course adjustment. In Terra Nova, the roads can change their layout rapidly, but oftentimes it’s with a bit of warning.For example, some sections of the world are prone to exploding mountaintops that hurdle giant, road-blocking boulders into your pathway. Off to the side you’ll see the mountain explode, and can anticipate a giant falling rock, before it lands. Every little advantage helps, in Sky Punks.

Meet (In-Game) Friends on Facebook

The characters in Sky Punks have special passive abilities that affect all the other characters that the player has unlocked and utilizes during gameplay. One of the first characters players should unlock is Suma. You can unlock her by simply logging into Sky Punks with your Facebook account. Suma’s passive is an increased Score Doubler for all riders, so by simply linking in your Facebook account, you’re essentially getting free points, as well as a handful of in-game currency for doing so. Totally worth it.

Don’t Be Greedy

In Sky Punks, gold is scattered across all the roads. Players will want to scoop up as much gold as they can as they race throughout Terra Nova, as this is the currency used to unlock upgrades and other characters. Sometimes, the gold is purposefully placed in a way that makes it difficult for the player to get the gold and survive. Sometimes the gold is all the way on one side of the three-lane road, and the player will have to (almost impossibly) quickly dash across two lanes in order to avoid an obstacle that the gold was trying to lure them into. At the end of the day, the gold is not worth dying for. Focus on finishing the race as best as you can, and grab the gold that is easiest to get.

Ad up for Free Game Time

I know, I know: no one wants to see advertisements. But when you’ve screwed up and run straight into a wall, watching a twenty second advertisement to get back into the game is ultimately the better option than having to start the level all over again. If you’re really anti-ad, just look up from your iPad for a bit, give your eyes a break, and look out of a window or at your cat or whatever you want. Just bite the bullet, watch the ad, and save yourself time, and energy points.

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