Terra Battle cheat apk and tips

Do you like RPG games? I’m not a big fan of this kind of playing but Terra Battle interested me more the the other. Why? First argument, because this is game designed on mobile devices like android and iOS. It’s not easy to make RPG on smartphone and tablet. Second, because authors of Terra Battle are the same people who created Final Fantasy series. It was one of the best RPG games ever made. If you don’t know Terra let us write some words about this game.Terra Battle cheats and tips

In game we choose our Warrior from few available classes (rase) and we attack the other players. Game story is seperated on 30 different chapters, but to visit more chapters you need more energy. Of course you can generate energy with our Terra Battle cheat apk, but about tool we’re writing below. Let’s back to game. Field of fighting is divided by net. You can also buy new elements of games, like music, heroes etc. But is thi make any sense? Want to play game but need to pay all the time? In my opinion it make no sense at all. And because of that we made this Terra Battle hack app that I mentioned above. In spite of cheat we will give you some usefull tips for this RPG.

What can I do with Terra Battle cheat apk?

I think the most important thing in game is to get energy and coins. Energy allows you discover new chapters, coins allows you to buy improvements. It’s difficult to posses both of them without buying. With Terra Battle hack apk you can generate unlimited amount of coins and energy, but do it reasonably. Of course cheat tool contains full anti-ban system, but in spite of it you can be detected if you will be generating all the time. Once, twice a day is really sufficient to play comfortable. We also added unlimited Stamina to make your playing better. This function you can use all the time. As I said before cheat for Terra Battle inludes anti-ban system and safe proxy connection so you don’t have to worry about your game account! Let’s do some summary. Terra Battle cheat apk includes:

  • coins generator
  • energy generator
  • unlimited stamina

More Tips for Terra Battle

Below I give you some important info about playing Terra. If you use these tips your attack will be better, your strategy will be smarter:

  • Attack healers first! The can heal your enemy during fight, so at the beggining kill healers!
  • Check enemy units spacing! If they stay close you can aim and shoot in the middle!
  • Remember about gold rule of three weapons! for example, sworders are better than archers, but archers are better than swordfish. And finally swordfish is better than sworder!
  • Check info about your enemy before fight!
  • Check Metal Zone regularly
  • Visit Hunting Zone regularly

Ok. So if you use these tips and download Terra Battle cheat apk you can be invincible! Cheat tool is compatible with ANDROID, iOS and PC. If you like you can play on emulators like Bluestacks!

Terra Battle cheat apk


Terra Battle cheat apk Multi [PC, ANDROID, iOS] 

download android

Terra Battle cheat apk ANDROID.apk 

download iOS

Terra Battle cheat apk iOS.ipa

download help

After using Terra Battle hack you can see this view:

Terra Battle cheat proof

So if you like RPG games, not only on mobile just write us or leave comment if you want to get cheat to you favourite RPG game! Best regards!

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