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6055We loves games, many games… I’ts time to write about our experience in years of playing and cheating of course. First, we’d like to indtroduce and write some words about reason of start this platform.

When we speak “games” we mean all kinds of its, on different platform and not only video games. Admin of cheaterzworld is 30 years old and started to play in 1992 on his first copmuter called Commodore 64 so the experience is huge.

More about our team you find in ABOUT US so if you like to read just click.

Let’s back to games topic. In present a lot of people love to play in mobile devices like android, iOS and Windows Phone. We also like it, so many cheats and tips will be create of these devices. But in my opinion the best games are still on PC, Playstation and XBOX One (not all). First cheat I use was “cheat” to Wolfenstein 3D – game created in 1992 year and cheat code was easy, type for keys od keybord to unlock all hidden doors. Next cheat I found was trainer to GTA (PC version 1995) – trainer gives unlimited ammo and weapons and immortality also. It was incredible to play and don’t worry about dead. Then I started to create my first cheat to GTA 2 and it was succesfull. It was similar to the previous trainer I found. And so on, We make cheats, hacks, trainers, crack and many more to present times and we will do it every day.

What can you find on hackatable.com platform?

  • cheats for PC games

  • cheats for ANDROID¬†apks

  • cheats for iOS apps

  • cheats for Windows Phone games

  • cracks and keygen for the most popular games and software

  • keys for games

  • keys for cards¬†and many more things.

Cheaters platform will be created like blog, we will put new apps, programms in articles and write you how they work, how to use safely.

Have fun with as and visit. If you need any tool just write on contact form! We will answer! Best for you!

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